Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bunch o' Crazy Knitters

So registration for the Sock Summit(see button on side bar) opened at 10am PDT today. The organizers did a fantastic job- tried very hard to get the techie type people to prepare properly- and the server crashed within 5 minutes. The big, brand-new server that the techie's thought would be way way bigger than was needed......(silly techies- obviously know nothing about knitters!;-D)
It was inevitable. Really. When you have 12,000+ knitters waiting with bated breath from all around the world for the chance to get a limited number of classes...... Really, it was bound to happen. (yes, all around the world- I happen to know there are people coming from Down Under....)
They got it back up and running within an hour though!!! I think that is impressive. Of course there have been glitches and problems with it all day, and it will take a long time to get everything fully straightened out; but, wow, I really think they've done a great job! (Get more info here, it's been wild)

People actually did sign up for my class. I really wasn't expecting it, as I am probably the least known teacher that will be there! This is going to be wild. I'm excited.
Hope to see you there!!

[I know you non-knitters probably don't get all this- but really, it is a big deal, and us knitters are extremely excited. Yes, maybe we are a bunch of weirdos- nerding out about yarn and manipulating it with sticks..... but there are those that go paint themselves up and nerd out about creeping around to shoot other people with paint balls. There's a lot of odd hobbies to be involved in... I just happened to pick knitting. :-)
What's your hobby??]

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