Tuesday, April 29, 2008

odds and ends

My kids are so funny. I wish I could record the funny things they say. ES (the elder son--4) usually looks a bit odd when he first gets up. Mornings are not his thing. He walks out with his blanky up by his face and squints rather fiercely. Usually only one eye is fully open. Of course he gets teased about this. :-) Yesterday morning when he came out, as usual struggling with the light and the morning, DH (dear husband) said cheerfully, "Good morning, I---!". ES grimaced at him and said in a growly voice, "Mr. One Eye!!" Ok, so it's not as funny written down. It was pretty funny in person.

On another note, I recently finished knitting a dress for my daughter. It turned out pretty good. As soon as I get a picture of it (I don't have a digital camera as yet, so I have to develop film to a disc, etc, etc, to get pics up), I will post it.

And the pattern for the vest, Random, is now available at the Unique Sheep shop! click on the link under Knitting Resources to find and purchase it. ^_^ My very first design for sale! I am excited. (I'll be more excited if you knit it and send me a pic of your finished product!!!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Need Fiber!!

I don't intend to blog twice a day very often, but something happened this morning that I wanted to write before I forgot about it.
After church this morning, my 4-yr-old son went up to the refreshments table and got a muffin. (This is not the funny part. He does this every week) He's walking around eating; I'm holding 2-yr-old son and talking to people. 6-yr-old daughter comes up to me and says something about little brother and paper. I really didn't pay much attention--my attention was otherwise occupied.
So as we are getting ready to leave, my husband walks up to me with half of a muffin wrapper; and says "He was eating the paper b/c he said it tasted good." He really did like it. I'm not entirely sure how he swallowed it. Really, does my son need fiber that badly!? I feed him granola almost every other day--I do!!

Constant Chaos

Okay, maybe chaos is a bit of an exaggeration, but believe me, the only time my house is truly quiet is when everyone is asleep. If you have kids you know what I mean!
I get a bit overwhelmed by noise at least once a day. I can concentrate on things fairly well if I want to, but sometimes I think I am concentrating only to discover that I am not even close.
For example: a few months ago, I designed and knit a vest for the Unique Sheep. I thought it turned out really well! (After 7 weeks of knitting, and having to rip out 10-13" 3 times) I even had my BIL take pics of it, see

It was great! So I sent it off, and then my pattern was given to a test knitter. I was shocked at how many alterations had to be made to the pattern. Seriously, I was the designer, and I hadn't even gotten correct gauge!!!! (If you knit, you know how nuts that is--mega errata) Ok, so that was because I neglected to wash and block the swatch. I should know better than that. So it turns out that the size medium vest I knit that fit me so well, will probably be a size xxl when it is washed and blocked. Oh well, we got it fixed. The pattern is good now. I know because someone else knit it up and it turned out lovely.
I figure I can have a little grace for having so much to fix in the pattern. After all, it is the very first pattern I've ever intentionally done to sell it. And, well, a picture is worth a thousand words.....this is a normal and somewhat calm day in my home:

BTW, you will be able to find the (corrected) pattern for Random (the vest) at Laura's shop, the Unique Sheep, at http://www.theuniquesheep.com/home.htm very soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day One

Wow, so here we go. I am officially a blogger. I've never done this before- not being very technically savvy, I never had a desire to blog. I can guarantee this will be a very irratic blog. I'm not going to be posting consistently. Not with 3 kids to homeschool, a home and a husband who need my attention. (Not to mention the ever-present knitting) But I'll get on here occasionally. So I have a good life. A nice home, an awesome family, a great church. Oh yeah, and yarn. Yarn is good. I love to knit. Ok, I'm obsessed with knitting. But I think my family is okay with that. They wear what I make---at least when I'm around. ^_^
So hi there, here I am. :-D