Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Settling in

Well, we've been here for 3 weeks now, and loving it. There is room for the kids to run- we're close to so many things that the kids and I do- it's quieter. We are very thankful for our new home!
I worked very hard on the moving in for 2 weeks. Then I absolutely had to go crazy with the knitting.
Yesterday, I finished a little outfit for our baby. I've been wanting to make something for this baby since I learned of his/her existence- but have been so busy w/ being sick/designing/moving that I just couldn't get to it. Well, here it is at last.

Made w/ some scraps of yarn I had left over from a design I did months ago. Gorgeous, soft yarn- Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Love it.
The jacket is a modified version of the kimono pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Teddy Bear buttons-- had to be. :-) Since the baby is due in October, I made this outfit a little big- hoping it would fit a 3-6 month old. I may have miscalculated. The jacket just might fit a 1 YR old....

This is an afghan square I made for a friend in the UK who is moving into a narrow boat. She's making an afghan just for the boat, and this is my "boat-warming" gift. :-)

This is another modified version of the kimono pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. This one was done for a friend's baby that is due next month. I loved the finished product so much, I wanted to keep it---- which is why my little baby set happened this month. It's a great pattern- I actually used it twice. :-) Quick knit for gifts-gotta love that!

These socks took me over a month. That doesn't happen much anymore- but I have the excuse of moving for why they took so long! Once I finally finished them, I was so excited over having a finished product, I really started knitting again. I was sort of dabbling in knitting while life was overwhelming- but after 2 weeks in the new place- finishing these really got me going on knitting again. It's nice to be back. :-) These are the ones that the heel flap took me 2 days. I finally got to use some of the yarn I won a year ago! Stash knitting is a good feeling. :-) So I'm doing more! Designing a vest for my MIL with some lovely hemp yarn she got for me over a year ago. While waiting for yarn for a design I'm supposed to do for a magazine, I'm using the time to get rid of some of this extensive stash---I have to; now that Joel has seen the actual extent of my stash during the course of the move, purchasing new yarn is a no-go. I knew that would happen....... *yes, my face is red- I have a big stash. I was well and truly on my way to SABLE*

*SABLE: Stash Acquistion Beyond Life Expectancy


BarbSz said...

I'm so glad your happy in your new place. I love the baby set, how cute :) The socks are lovely, and I'm sure your friend will love the "boat" square :) :)

Nalamienea said...

Things taking over a month is uncommon for you? I hope I get that good soon! I've been working on this tank top forever it seems like! hehe :) Your site is beautiful and I love your header at the top!