Monday, December 27, 2010


What a crazy month. When I was a little kid, I loved December. It was my favorite month ever. The fact that I had both my birthday and Christmas in a month that I didn't usually have as many allergy problems made it naturally the one I always looked forward to. It was great.

Now? Well, I want it to be a fun month for my kids, but it's no longer my favorite month. Yes, all the reasons I used to like it are still here- but now, it's also a month of responsibility. And have you driven in the city in December??? Yeah, I avoid it as much as possible, but when you live in a city, you have to get around somehow. The commercialization of Christmas has made the entire month of December much more stressful than it was when I was a kid! So now, I just try to live the wonders of December in the eyes of my kids. :D Sometimes I succeed, sometimes, I struggle, but seeing a child's wonder the first time the Christmas tree lights are turned on...... It is priceless.

This December has been pretty amazing in my house. It was Milo's first "real" Christmas- you know, the first one the child is aware of what's going on around him- and it was adorable. We didn't put the Christmas tree up until the night before Christmas Eve, because we knew that it would be impossible to keep him out of it. And it was. And he was cute. And he was fascinated. And he opened presents early- other people's presents....but they understood. (And the tree is already down and put away. He's really into putting things in his mouth. May have something to do with the teething thing that's going on, but I haven't committed to that answer yet.) We had a great Christmas. And I think Milo did too. ;D

In the knitting portion of my world, I learned something new this month....Something I've been saying for 3 yrs I intend to learn.....
Steeking. Literally? Cutting your knitting.
Yeah, not something that is usually considered a good thing in knitting.
But steeking is doing it on purpose, so that's supposed to be okay.

So I read books, looked online for tutorials- then I crocheted 2 rows on where I intended to cut. That's supposed to hold it together so that it won't unravel. I admit I was very sceptical.
After I had my crochet lines, I sat down at the table and wished I had some wine. I don't drink any alcohol normally, but this seemed like it would have been a good time for some. Then I picked up the sharpest scissors I had in the house, and cut. I cut what I had just spent the last 2 weeks trying to knit together.
It was not the best feeling I've ever experienced.
But I finished it. (really, after the first cut, there's no going back anyway). And I cut the entire little adorable jacket. And then, I knit buttonbands on it- and it was better than ever. So it worked! And it looked good! And I am positive that it will feel just as awful the next time I do it.

But steeking was not my best adventure this month. This month, I got to be present at the arrival of a very special little girl.
Meet Sylvia.

Sylvia is my niece. She is beautiful and I love her. She missed my birthday by 7 days, but that's ok. She's here. And she's healthy.

Next year has a lot to live up to.

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