Friday, January 4, 2013

Good Accidents

So yesterday, I had my first foray into solitary canning endeavors. And it was entirely by accident.

I was having the kids help me peel pears to dry them while trying to make dinner and snacks.  I didn't realize until I was slicing them and placing them just how many pears we had peeled....  The dehydrator was full, and I still had a huge bowl full of peeled pears. So I made pear sauce. On the fly, like I usually do my cooking. I had none of the things I needed to follow a recipe, so I made one up. Fortunately, it turned out super good. And fortunately, my mom had blessed me by leaving her canning pot here.

So I canned 3 quarts of pear sauce yesterday. Entirely by accident.  There are some accidents that are good....
Today, my dehydrator is working on Kiwi Fruit roll-ups, banana chips, and pineapple chips. Tonight, it will become a yogurt maker.

I was so excited about the success of the pear sauce, that I might put the canning pot to use again tomorrow... Maybe some apples this time?

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