Monday, July 8, 2013

Catching Up

I feel like things just might start slowing down a little now. I certainly hope so. I'd like a relatively peaceful summer, spring has been a bit on the crazy side....

Ian did so well in his very first year of playing Little League. Incredibly well for never having played any organized sport, seen or played a baseball game. His coaches call him a sponge, and I really think he is where baseball is concerned. I just wish I could get him to pay that much attention at home! (Don't all moms feel that way about their kids' interests? ;) )  He played Minors all season, and made the All-Star team. The tournament starts this coming weekend. We've been doing baseball every day since June 15th. Well, almost every day. We've had to miss a couple practices....

Daisy has been busy with Taekwondo, and earned her first promotion the beginning of June! She did so well.

I got to have a bit of fun with my sewing machine. I took a couple of T-shirts that were much too big and turned them into "dresses". Not that I'll ever wear them without shorts, but I sure prefer them as tank-tops! This was my favorite:

Possibly because it's the Skatechurch shirt with the picture of my husband on it. I wore my old one to rags, so am happy to have this one now.

We learned the end of May that we had to move. Circumstances necessitated that our friends return to Portland, so they needed their house back. We are so excited to have them coming back- and so incredibly thankful for God's faithful provision! Within a week of knowing we needed to move, the Lord provided a great house not far away from the previous one with an amazing backyard and more than enough room for our busy family. So here we are! We've "been" here a week today. Although 4 of those days were spent on vacation, so we've really only lived here 3 days so far.

Our very first family vacation!

We had the most wonderful time. We went to Florence, OR where my sister has an apartment. She was gone for awhile, so we took over. We camped in a 2 bedroom apartment and just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company over the weekend of July 4th. It was so good. The timing was perfect. We needed to be together with no distractions, no work, and remember what it is to be family. It's been so wild lately. It was an oasis in insanity, and could not have come at a better time.

While there, we spent 2 afternoons at the beach. We found this fabulous little beach by the South Jetty, and had it all to ourselves. It wasn't really "on" the ocean, but it was a little slice of ocean, and all we needed. It was so windy right on the ocean beach, and this one was just sheltered enough by the dunes and the rocks that it was perfectly comfortable. Beautiful sunny days with just enough wind to keep it from being too hot, a beach to ourselves, and a comfy place with a kitchen to go back to for food and sleep. The perfect vacation.
The kids loved every minute. Milo never stopped smiling until he learned we were going home. What an incredible blessing. :)
 On the way to Florence, we went the long way. We even stopped in Lincoln City so Joel could skate the big park there. Not that he got in much actual skating with the kids around, but it was a nice break from traveling.
 For dinner, we stopped in Newport at the Rogue Nation  Pub where the kids played while waiting for dinner and then left with Frisbees for the beach. So fun.
 The only work Joel did all weekend- digging in the sand to bury wind-chilled kids. The funnest part was breaking out, of course.
 Frisbee!! Perfect beach game. Good thing they float....
The second day, Milo got brave enough to dance in the waves on the beach. The first day, he refused to get wet. But he LOVED the sand!!

So here we are! All of us and our stuff is in a new house. Now we are in the organize, unpack, set up phase. Looking forward to the slowing down of baseball and busy-ness so we can settle in and get ready for a new school year. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with the insanity this summer.....

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