Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Story

Last Christmas, my wonderful Polish sister-in-love gave me this great ebook. All these excellent DIY recipes for beauty from Mommypotamus.

I confess I was a little bit overwhelmed by it at first. I wasn't sure if or when I would use it. At the time, we  had just (2months before) started the GAPS diet, and I was crazy busy just dealing with food- I didn't have time to deal with other aspects of my life. But the ebook looked interesting, and I figured at some point I'd have time to look at it.

The time came. I thought I would try a couple things to see if I could eliminate some chemical use from my life. I think the first thing I tried was the toothpaste, and I was hooked. For the first time since my last pregnancy (3yrs before), I was able to brush my teeth without feeling like I needed to gag and throw-up 30 seconds into it. And my teeth felt cleaner than with the store-bought chemical gunk. I was hooked.

I tried some lotion and balm.  My daughter loved it. I thought it was okay, but wasn't totally sold on the lotions. The lip balm, however, was excellent. I quit using any other.

Then, I had some tallow that I had rendered myself to use for the GAPS diet, and found that it was part of the recipes for some of the lotions and balms in the ebook. (more on tallow and rendering it) I gave a jar to my sis-in-love, and she used it for a moisturizer.

She discovered though, that it was too hard to use by itself, so she added some oils. Then, she graciously shared some of the mix with me. She discovered that it was a fantastic facial cream and helped her skin immensely. I tried it, but preferred my plain coconut oil. It got me thinking, though. From the research I'd done working with the ebook from Mommypotamus, my history of study of essential oils and such in Massage School years ago, and the lotion my sis-in-love gave me, I started experimenting.

I played with the recipes from the book, did more research, added things to the lotion my sis-in-love made, and found some really great natural health and beauty aids. Partly because I have access to large amounts of tallow (way too much for  me to use just for cooking or for lotions for just my family), I decided to see if others would be interested...... I gave some lotions away, my Mom gave some away.... my Mom sold some for me.... I tried some new recipes.... and Natural Health and Beauty by LobugDesigns on Etsy happened.

Check it out. I'm still experimenting. Right now I've got an Eczema Balm being tested, and more ideas.  So check back occasionally. It's good stuff. I love it. I use it constantly, and so does my family. Natural is always better than Chemical....

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