Monday, April 14, 2014


Over last weekend, my youngest and I took a mini-vacation, just the two of us.

We went to my parents so Roo could have a well-earned time by himself with all of the animals. It was perfect timing. Grandma had 5 baby goats that required a lot of bottle feeding.

 Several older goats as well- Roo just loved feeding them their "lunch".  At once point, he was picking up some hay and found himself surrounded by goats. His comment? "Hoo-whee!!! That's a lot ub goats!!!".
 The cat wasn't in the best of moods, but Grandma  held her so Roo could pet her a little.
 Blowing bubbles is more fun when you get to blow them at the dogs....
Grandma provided him with treats for the dogs too. He just loves feeding the animals- and they rather enjoy it also. ;)

He had so much fun. That night I put him to bed, left him alone for 10 minutes, and came back to this:
He had such a great time!
I rather enjoyed myself as well. No dishes, no cooking, no 1,000 questions from 4 different directions- just hanging out watching my youngest enjoy himself, talking with my parents and friends, and even reading a little. It was needed.
Now to get back to the busy life....

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Fran said...

That's awesome! What a fantastic mini vacation.