Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is finally done!! The Celtic Icon took me 3 months, but it is done! And I actually like it on me. :-) I have knit a lot of tops that did not work when I tried them on, so I am extra happy that one that took this long, looks nice. The sleeve length is absolutely perfect! This is the best-finished project I think I've ever done. I learned how to do nice seams on this one- at last. :-) So here it is:

I've decided to take a small break from knitting-as my hands are really starting to hurt lately. But I can't just sit I've decided to go back to the roving I got at Thanksgiving and barely spun a wee bit--and spin it up in the meantime. Here is the start:

My spindle is hand-made and so not the best balanced, but it works, and I am having fun learning how to do this. It's very lumpy and bumpy, but I think I will get better.
I am hoping that after a few days I will be able to get back to knitting, as I have a long list of things that need to get done. I will be test knitting a pattern for a designer, as well as having her test knit a glove design I have recently completed for the Unique Sheep (more details on that in the near future).
So I will spin for a few days, and then get back into the swing of knitting again.

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public day. One of my friends and I went out and knit outside a nice coffee shop in SE Portland. It was very pleasant. In fact, it was actually sunny!! It hasn't been very sunny here this spring, so it was a nice change. I am obviously not used to it--I sat half in the shade and burned one arm. :-D It looks a bit odd to have one white arm and one red one. I am hoping the sun will stick around for a few more days so I can even out a bit!!

It was gorgeous for Father's Day. I think DH (Darling Husband)had a good day. He went out with the kids this afternoon so they could bike and skate on the road. Our youngest really doesn't care to bike, he much prefers the skateboard. He figured out today how to go down the driveway; this was very exciting for him! Usually he just stands on the board stationary and taps it up and down. Motion is a bit scary. But he did this (picture) for an hour. Non-stop. He is very persistent, and doesn't mind falling down. I do believe we have another skater in the family!! :-) He cares a lot about what he wears for a 2-yr-old boy as well. Note the hat: he won't go outside without it anymore. :-) It's his "work-hat" or "skate-hat" as the mood takes him.

Who needs TV when you have kids!!!?


knittingmama said...

You did a beautiful job with that sweater. And, we finally got to see your pretty face!

gbbgrandma said...

Your sweater is gorgeous. I'm glad I got to see the finished product.

Jena said...

wow, I love that sweater!!

My youngest daughter reminds me of our son. She had a favorite hat too, and favorite clothing. It was almost like she lived in uniform. And she's still a lot that way (at 14!)

Callie said...

I love the lines of that sweater! You look very good in it.

k said...

The sweater is awesome! I also spin with a homemade spindle- and all my yarns are a bit lumpy- bumpy! I am the moderator of the new Ravelry group!