Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I think the temperature was over 96 degrees today (since it was 96 at 10am). Oh, I am so glad for air conditioning!!!! Joel worked today, so the kids and I spent the morning grocery shopping and the afternoon sitting in front of the air conditioner. The kids then went out this evening and actually got cold playing in the wading pool. Water is so fun!
I have to tell you a funny story about my 4-yr-old(the Elder Son). I went in the other night to wake him up to go to the bathroom (night-time potty training). He's on the top bunk, so I stood on the lower so I could reach him; and pulled him over to me. He immediately starts talking----"I don't want................I don't want pig..............I don't want pig.............I don't want Piglet............I don't want Piglet.............I don't want Piglet....................I don't want Piglet on me!!" It was a bit sleep slurred, but I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Sometimes I wish I knew what they dream about!!!!! It was so hard not to giggle at him; I don't think I did very well. He's my most avid sleep talker. He always has been. There have been nights where he has awakened Joel and I with shouts. We run in there and ask what's wrong....if we get an answer it's slurry, mumbly, and makes no sense. Other nights, very clearly, I've heard him say (vehemently!) "NO, it's MINE!! Stop!" DD on the other hand; if you open her door, she instantly starts intelligent conversation with you no matter how far into sleep she was. Ok, so that's an exaggeration--but not as big a one as you think! ;-)

I've been knitting a lot this week. I've been trying to catch up on knitting baby shower gifts-I really like having some on hand, because it seems like I go to them fairly regularly. So I now have a boy baby gift, a girl baby gift and a gender neutral gift. Now I am working on a hat I promised to make for a friend 4 months ago. And a Christmas gift for someone special who reads this blog, so I can't say any more about it. When these things are done, I am designing some things for the Unique Sheep, so "stay tuned" and check them out!

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knittingmama said...

That's funny that your kids talk in their sleep like that. My #2 and my DD argue with each other in their sleep - as if they don't do that enough while they are awake!

I like Joel's blog. I think it's so cute that he calls you his best friend. Of course married people should be, but so few are. (Jim and I are, too ;-) )