Thursday, August 28, 2008

busy busy busy

It's been awhile since I posted! Time is just flying by! Last week, I was spending as much time as possible with Joel before he left for a week in Canada; this week, I've been trying to stay busy while he's gone! I've succeeded! ;)
The kids and I have been doing "Fall Cleaning" in our house. We've managed to do all of it- top to bottom- except the closets and the laundry/mud room. That room just seemed too much to tackle yet. I would do it tomorrow, except I HAVE to get ready for the school year! DD will be in 2nd grade (except in Math--1st grade), and ES will be starting Kindergarten. So I've got a bit of organizing to do in the next few days! There is just so much I want to do with them; I need to sit down and figure it all out clearly.
In the meantime- I have actually been knitting in small moments of spare time. I took a brief hiatus from designing the LotR club socks to get caught up on some of my Christmas knitting. I actually finished 2 gifts, but one of them promptly got shrunk (accidentally, of course) but being put in the dryer- so I am having to redo it. *sigh* Oh well. So at this point I have 2 projects on the needles (undisclosable, sorry) which I need to finish, and then it's back to LotR! Which is getting a lot of unexpected mention!! We were actually mentioned on the Daily Chum! Very exciting. I'm very excited. Are you very excited?? You should be excited. This is very exciting, you know. ;-)

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