Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

We have a new scanner/copier/printer/fax!! Not that I know how to use the fax, or care to as yet- but I am loving the other 3 aspects of it! Oh, and it was FREE. I really like Freecycle!!! ;)
(the picture is a cross-stitch I did years ago.)


Aqie-Gaul said...

Nice to visit in your place. Have a nice day and Greeting's from Jakarta, Indonesia !

bunnits said...

Beautiful header photo!

Your new post reminds me of my hometown in Middle Tennessee. The little town was settled by Irish Catholics. At some point the parish church began having a barbecue, fair, and homecoming that is been an annual event for over 150 years now. We see lots of "Cead mile failte" when we're there. Thanks for the memories. (aka archaeologie on Ravelry)