Saturday, December 13, 2008

It has finally begun.....

Even though it is only December, and the Lord of the Rings Sock Club doesn't start until February; here are 2 "teaser" patterns for sale!!

Hobbit Feet:

And The Prancing Pony:

I loved designing these socks! I am so excited to finally get to share some of these patterns with you! If you go to the link above, it will take you to more information about the socks, and links to purchase the patterns. Kits are available, and b/c of the yarns and colors involved, I highly recommend the kits. These yarns are amazing. I so enjoyed working with them, and I am sure you will too.


Tekgirl said...

Awesome! They are absolutely awesome! I love the hobbit feet socks- I love them, love them, love them. I'm so going to be making these after christmas. Yay! I bow down to your genius.

Lupie said...

The hobbit socks are too funny!