Friday, January 23, 2009


Something completely crazy happened to me yesterday.
I don't believe in coincidences. Here's another example of why:

I took the kids to Goodwill yesterday to look for picture frames for some photos that need them. We were looking around, and I kept moving this painting to see more frames. Then I actually looked at the painting. And did a double take. And a triple take.
See, my Grandmother painted later in her life. She actually did a lot of paintings. I have 5 of them in my house. And this particular painting on the shelf at Goodwill looked amazingly similar to one of mine.....
This is the Goodwill painting
This is mine:
Then I took a closer look at the signature:

This is the signature on mine:

And this is one of her earliest paintings- the signature is different.

I, my mom, and Joel are totally convinced that this painting that I found at Goodwill is one of my Grandmother's. She sold a lot of paintings at a restaurant in Cascade Locks. Somehow, one of them wound up at a Goodwill in Portland.
Now, honestly, what are the chances that I would go into that Goodwill (there's a lot of choices in Portland!), at that time, and go to look at picture frames (I could have been on the other side of the store and never seen it!)? Really!!? Coincidence?
I don't think so....
ETA: Yes, I bought it! It's in my livingroom. I couldn't leave it there!


Rena said...
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Bercik & Agatka said...

Far out.

beautyredefined said...

Wow. That's amazing, and completely awesome. Your grandmother seems to be a talented lady!

lizzzknits said...

In Yiddish, there is a word: Bashert. It was meant to be. Usually, it refers to finding the love of your life, but in this case, it is fitting.