Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Kansas

"We're not in Oz anymore, Toto."
Okay, that's a misquote- but it's true. Last week was like being in a knitter's Oz- a magical world where anything can happen. I didn't meet any wicked witches- but good and helpful people abounded! What a great time!
It started Tuesday evening for me- when I got to meet the wonderful women behind the name "The Unique Sheep". I've known them for awhile online, but meeting them in person was better. :-)
Then on Wednesday- the Teacher's Dinner:

Yup, that's the 40 teachers (and the 2 wonderful women behind Sock Summit- Tina and Stephanie). What a fun time! I didn't talk much; just sat and soaked up as much knowledge as I possibly could. And there was a LOT of knitterly knowledge in that room!!
Thursday, I taught 2 3-hr classes. I think they went very very well. (especially for being the very first time I've ever taught more than one person at a time.) I loved it. If I had more time- I would love to do more teaching (of knitting); lots more. But at this point, I've got 3 wee ones to teach a bit more than knitting to- and another wee one that will soon be here needing teaching as well.... Anyway, Thursday was great. I was totally worn out by the end of it, and barely made it through the Opening Ceremonies that night. But that was all the work I had to do that week; and then I got Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to play!
And I did. I went through the Marketplace a lot- but missed so much. I just couldn't take it all in. I walked and walked until I got overwhelmed- then went home. I really didn't buy a lot, but did get some great yarn that I am excited to use. Yarn that is totally new to me; and I can hardly wait to play with. :-)
I got to audit classes as well- and that was just wonderful. I've done the vast majority of my learning about knitting from books and my mistakes, so getting to actually learn from other people was a wonderful new treat. I learned sock shaping tricks, speed knitting tricks, and spindle spinning basics. The teachers were fantastic. I even learned cast on tricks in the "Lucy Booth". My mind is still reeling from all the knowledge that got thrown at me! I have so much to practice now!
And then, at the end, The Luminary Panel. In the room where knitters shattered the Guinness Book of World Records current record for the most knitters knitting simultaneously- This picture shows less than a third of those who came to hear 9 famous knitters answer questions. What a lot of knitting! (not to mention yarn....)

Lucy Neatby, Deb Robson, Anna Zilbourg, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, (Tina and Steph) Meg Swanson....

Meg again, Barbara Walker, Judith McKenzie-McCuin, and Nancy Bush. The knowledge- I'm telling you- I can spend a lifetime learning about knitting, and never know the half of it. I love it. I think I can safely say that I am not the only one.... ;-)


Holly said...

I am soooooo proud of you and so happy you had this experience. I think it's just the beginning; you are so talented.

knittingmama said...

Amazing! It must have been so awesome to be a part of something so wonderful. Like Holly said, we are so proud of your success. I'm very lucky and happy to know you.

Aknita said...

What a wonderful experience Lobug - I am so pleased it went so well.

Here's to the next time ..... :-)

Bercik & Agatka said...

Glad you had a knitastic time!

Lupie said...

Many have posted about this event. It sounds let all had an awesome time seeing all of the superstars.

BarbSz said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, I'm so glad everything went good for you :)