Thursday, August 27, 2009

LotR Sock #4

I'm not putting the spoiler picture up, b/c I am quite sure everyone has their yarn and patterns. I am very late in posting this- but I have good excuses. :-) B/w Sock Summit and Joel being gone to Canada for a week, as well as starting school w/ the kids- well, I've been a bit busy this month. But! the fourth sock from the LotR series was released the first week of August, so here it is!


This design was inspired by the mountain Caradhras that the Fellowship tried to cross but had to turn back and go under by way of Khazadum. The various stages of the mountain are depicted in the different texture stitches used. This sock is worked from the toe-up; mimicking the climb up the side of the mountain.

This was actually the 2nd sock that I designed for this club. It was a very fun quick knit. Working the different texture stitches kept it from being boring; but the pattern is really relatively simple. It's a great knit for men's socks, as there really is nothing frilly or feminine about it. There couldn't be- considering the inspiration. :-)

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