Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This post is rather late due to life circumstances. :-) But- in October, I had my 2nd pattern publication in Yarn Forward Magazine.
Issue 19, November.
Ruth's Tunic
This is my photography-obviously. And the way I intended the sweater to be worn. A high collar, simple herringbone pattern that changes direction with the color changes. The yarn is, naturally, The Unique Sheep Sashimi. In Tritiziana Gradiance colorway.
This was the hardest pattern to write I have ever attempted. The knitting really wasn't that difficult, but the writing so that the knitting could be duplicated was very hard. There's a lot of things happening at the same time in this sweater. But I am thrilled with how it turned out. I absolutely loved working with the Sashimi yarn. It is so light, soft, and smooshy. It was wonderful. To get the color changes with this sweater, you have to use Unique Sheep yarn. They are the only ones who do the Gradiance colorways. You could do it with other yarn- but then it would just be a basic sweater with a lot of seaming. With Gradiance colorways- it's something more.
The funny thing about this sweater, is that when I sent it in to the magazine, I apparently didn't explain properly how it was to be worn (it was so obvious to me). This is what happened in the magazine- photo copyright St. Range Photography.

I love their photography, mine is horrible-- but the sweater is on backwards. :-) But, you know, it works great! So, unintentionally, I made a sweater that can be worn 2 different ways. If you like a high collar- or if you don't, this works. :-)

(the professional photo really does much better justice to the colors- they are lovely....)


Rena said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to you and to Unique Sheep.
Did you have to send the magazine the sweater also, or did they make their own?

Nalamienea said...

congratulations on being published! and that's HILarious that they got it backwards!!

BarbSz said...

Very cute : )

SusanB-knits said...

congratulations! great sweater! (either way you wear it)

Lupie said...

Two published designs! So great!
This sweater is amazing and you get two for the work of one.

DrChopSuey said...

Congrats on the publication! Great pattern!

bunnits said...

That's a lovely sweater. Congratulations on the publication. And a snicker for the pro photo, but neat that it can be worn both ways.

Kristin @Meanbean said...

What a beautiful sweater! And a wonderful accident in being able to wear it either way :)

Tamsie said...

Hi! I have ordered the yarn and plan to make this sweater in the new year! I'll keep you posted!