Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, it's been a busy week and a half. So much has been going on in babyville. Unfortunately- not what I want to be going on; baby hasn't decided to make his appearance yet. But it has been busy!! (Is this a taste of the future?)

So, a week ago last Monday, I found out at 2:15pm that I was supposed to be in the hospital at 4pm to get an NST (fetal Non-Stress Test: fetal monitoring of the heartbeat). So we dashed about and made it in time. During the NST, baby's heartrate dropped rather low for a few seconds, so they whisked us downstairs for a BioPhysical Profile (in depth Ultrasound). All of this b/c at the Ultrasound 2 weeks ago, they discovered that while baby is (finally) in the right position, I have more amniotic fluid than I should (don't google it- it's not reassuring). While we can't find a reason for the extra fluid, we are being very very careful and monitoring the baby very closely. Which means NST's twice a week, and the normal Dr's visit once a week (with some added checks on baby during that visit...) Hopefully, he'll decide to make his appearance in good time- as the NST's are rather expensive. Yes, we have health ins; but it only covers a percentage...

The important thing, everything (except the fluid level) seems to be fine. Baby's heart rate has been good at each subsequent check, and he is actually staying in the correct position ('course, now that I've said that.....).

So now we wait. I am not a patient person; and this is the hardest part for me. I am ready- ready to move on to the next phase- ready to hold this child in my arms and show him the world and all the other people that have been waiting for him. I'm trying to stay calm and use this time wisely. Use it to spend extra time w/ the other kids before they feel neglected for baby brother- use it to get things done that won't be so easy when this little bumper crys for attention instead of kicking me- use it for (you guessed it!) knitting. I'm trying..... the nesting is a bit out of control, though..... (I can still clean the bathtub!!!! Never could at this point w/ the other 3!)

Today, I intend to dust.

Yesterday; well, yesterday, I finished this:

The Evangeline Tunic. Done in Elann's Incense. I think I'm happy w/ it. It is so hard to know when I can't try it on..... I did the neckline differently, and lengthened the sleeves a bit. We'll see in a few months if it's a keeper or not. :-)


BarbSz said...

I'm very glad to hear things are going well the with baby. The last few days can be so hard. With my first I was in labor for 30 days. Yeah days, they were checking him daily for the last two weeks, everyday I would hear it's going to be tonight you have him. Nope they come when they want to ;) It was a good thing he stayed in, as he was only 6.6 lbs at term and had packed most of that on in the last two weeks. Oh the memories ;)

Agata said...

Oh, I can only imagine! But I still remember the waiting and everybody asking me about the baby. Hang in there! We are in prayer.
I love that tunic! Beautiful design and very pretty colour! Good job! I would not be able to do anything like that while being pregnant, no way! Thus my admiration for you is even bigger now.
Love :o)