Thursday, December 3, 2009

Child of the Yarn

I had to giggle this morning. A friend of ours used to call my children either
"yarnies" or "children of the yarn". Well, today, it was quite obvious why (I don't think he wanted his picture taken)
He decided to let me take pictures after all. :-)
Now, I have to confess- that in all honesty, this was not my work. Well, ok, dressing him and taking his picture was my work; but the knitting is not mine. I was blessed to have some dear friends from The Parlor throw me a cyber-baby shower and send me a plethora of hand knit baby items. It was super cool, b/c I was so busy designing this year, that the time I would normally have filled w/ knitting for my baby was filled w/ designing. I only had time to make 2 little hats, 1 little jacket, and 1 pair of socks. None of which he is wearing in these pictures.
I like to think that it's cute that my children are "children of the yarn". I think they like it. Last week, ES asked me to make him some pants that match a sweater I made for him. And YS has been wearing his handknits every day until I have to force them off him to wash them. I suppose the suddenly cold weather may have something to do with that.....

In other news, one set of grandparents finally got to come spend some time with Babybug:

We are eagerly awaiting the time when the other grandparents can come do the same thing....


bunnits said...

How precious. Enjoy those grandparents as much as the little ones. They are a precious treasure, too.

TheTinkLady said...

Just wanted to say "hi"....I hope that y'all's Christmas is great!!! Give those little yarnies hugs from us....and get one for yourself. BTW-The sweater you have pictured at the top...the argyle one...LOVE iT!!! Tell me you're willing to share the pattern,,,,please....hugs and love and prayers for you and yours!!