Friday, December 11, 2009

Final Shipment of Year One of the Lord of the stRings Sock Club

If you have not recieved your December shipment- you may want to wait before reading.....


Sorry about the picture. I didn't actually have a working camera at the same time that I had the sock- so I had to scan it..... lol

This design was inspired by the main village of Rohan. The majority of the people in Edoras had long golden braids. The tombs of the kings were covered in simbelmyne- also called Evermind- delicate white flowers. At the entrance to Meduseld- the king’s hall in Edoras- the guards had shields with the emblem of the blazing sun on them. Hence the gold “braid”, and the delicate vine flowers, and the blazing suns on the socks. And since horses were immensely important to the people of Rohan, they had to be represented somewhere. The horseshoes on the soles of your feet won’t leave imprints when you walk, and they won’t press into your foot- but they do make a fun finishing touch.
Fun socks. I like colorwork. I admit this sock didn't quite work out the way I intended, but at this point, I can't remember what I did intend. So I'm very happy with these. :-)
They'll be for sale from The Unique Sheep 6 months after the club.

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Kristin @ Meanbean said...

that's a beautiful design!