Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to my busy life

Hi! Welcome! I have no cool pictures to show you today. Just thought I'd get that out up front so you weren't disappointed. I have been knitting; but can't show you b/c it's design stuff that has to be "released" at the right time. I have been taking pictures of my kiddos; but I'm not showing them off today.
I thought I'd give you an idea of "a day in the life" in my world today! This is a very basic picture- every day is different when you have four busy kiddos... :-)

12am- sleeping, but not for long.
1am-Babybug wakes me for a diaper change and a snack, and has a hard time getting back to sleep; but we eventually get there again
5am-Babybug is awake. He wants breakfast, and wants to play. I give him breakfast, try to get him to go back to sleep, and finally give up 45minutes later and let him wake Joel up. My amazing husband gets up, takes the baby, and closes the door on me in a dark room knowing full well that I am not getting out of bed(he even did it on purpose!).
7:10am-Joel has to go to work, so he brings Baby back to me.
7:20am-I have managed to get some clothes on and move myself and Babybug out to the couch. Not claiming awake yet.
7:30am-Get breakfast for the other boys. Daisy's already had hers.
7:40am-Get my own breakfast while checking email and holding Babybug.
7:50am-Babybug needs second breakfast. Feed him while frogging this sweater(remember this one? the Nordic sweater in the middle- scroll down. I just don't like the fit, I never wear it; but I do like the yarn and I am going to make something out of it that I WILL wear).
8:10am-Babybug is back in bed and I am here! On the computer, blogging and checking out what all my internet friends have been up to. Ian's unloaded the dishwasher, and Daisy's doing dishes, while Asher folds the diapers from the drying rack.
8:30am-School time! (yes, I know it's spring break. We had 3 months off when Baby was born- we still have some catching up to do.) I'll do some cleaning in b/w instruction- if there's not something glaringly filthy, I might even knit at the table while they study....
11am-Oh, yeah, Lunch. hmmm. What to fix? Somewhere b/w 8:10 and 11, Baby will probably have woke up- and it's time for his lunch now too.
12pm-Feed myself and the other 3 kids.

This is when the schedule really gets flexible. Today, the kids are clearly very tired, so after lunch, they will have quiet/nap time in their rooms while I deal w/ Babybug. If Baby goes to bed then too- I might get a quiet hr for some knitting. That's always nice. :-)
Today it's raining- inside games after quiet time. Maybe a video while I make dinner tonight. Puzzles for Asher- he's loving them right now. Play-doh anyone? While Baby sleeps, the other kids play well, I can usually get some designing in. But ya never know- yesterday Baby didn't sleep much and picking up the needles was a laugh.

Evenings are the very best time of day. When Joel gets home from work. :-) It's a breath of fresh air in our house. He plays with the kids, gives me adult conversation and a renewed perspective. Dinner together is always a good time. Laughter really is the best medicine. ;-D


bunnits said...

Ah, Lobug. I remember those busy, sweet times when the kids were small. It passes too fast. Our youngest is now 19, the middle one 22 and the oldest, 39 in May. All are in college, even the "old" one, who's been through lots of life changes over the last 10 years. Gosh, how did we manage to have a 16 year gap between #1 and #2? We didn't plan it that way. Of the 40 years we've been married, we been raising kids for 39 (still have 2 at home and the middle one in town living on campus). Enjoy! Time passes faster than you think.

bunnits said...

Happy Easter.