Friday, April 30, 2010

Life leaves no time

"There just aren't enough hours in the day for all that I want to accomplish!"
I have come to the realization that I am so busy with life that I have no time for, well, life.
Ever been there? "So much to do, so little time." There are a lot of quotes about it. I guess I should be encouraged. I'm definitely not the only one who feels/has felt this way. But somehow it doesn't really help. I'm glad I'm not alone; I'm not abnormal or freakish. But that doesn't add more seconds to my day..... ;) And I can't add more time by not sleeping. I'm already so sleep deprived that a decent night's sleep(which means I get a whole 3 or 4 hrs straight w/o being woke up once) only makes me more tired. Which seems backwards, but that's the way it works....

So what are all these things I want to get done, anyway??
teach my kids
play w/ my kids
cuddle my kids
clean the house/feed the family(and myself!)/do the laundry/clean the kids/cut their hair (you know, all the wife/mama stuff)

Somehow those last 3 get left in the dust most of the time. I realized last night that even when I do have time for me (which usually means I am frantically knitting or writing patterns) I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I feel guilty. Guilty that I am not actively engaging w/ my family(kids). Guilty that I'm not providing someone with something that they need.


Knitters need patterns, right?

Goodbye guilt. Hello knitting! (goodbye sleep!)

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BarbSz said...

That's right we need you too :D