Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin'...."

Into the future.

And I can't keep up. When I was a little girl, I remember time moving so slowly. A day seemed like what a week is now. A week was a huge amount of time! Now a year is too short. It's crazy how our perspective of time can change. I know I keep harping on this concept, but it is just incomprehensible to me, I guess; so my mind keeps going over and over it. I can't tell anymore if something happened last week or two weeks ago or even 6. It all runs together. And memorable things are remembered based on how old my kids were when such-and-such happened. (That's how I keep track of how many places we've lived in. We're up to 12 in 9 1/2yrs of marriage.) And it's a good thing I learned to take pictures of what I knit- or I would never remember half of them!!!

So before I forget, I'm going to set down here the things that have happened recently. In another couple days I'll probably feel like they happened 2 months ago; and really, it's only been in the last week.....(but that week has been wild!)

My beautiful daughter had an app't w/ the eye Dr. last week. She is now the proud owner of eyeglasses. She chose her frames. I think she made a great choice. Isn't she lovely?? I love her smile. She still has those great eyebrows too. They looked just like that (except a bit smaller to fit her face) when she was born. Sorry, little trip down memory lane there. So easy to do with your kids.... ;)

Speaking of kids, my Babybug is growing so fast! He's getting up on his knees now. He hasn't quite figureed out that he needs to be on his hands and knees at the same time, but he can get up there! He's also sitting up on his own. He still lauches backwards occasionally, but he's doing pretty good! And happy about it, too. ;)

With all 4 of them, I stay busy. Sometimes too busy for knitting. Lately, it seems like that's how it goes. But I have some knitting that has to be done- so I'm squeezing in time here and there. I've got some new patterns coming out in the near future (two of which I am working on right now)- you can sign up to be among the first to get them..... in the Wonderland sock club, or the 7 Wonders yarn club. There is also the last LotR club which is open for new members now.

Unfortunately, as I get busier and busier w/ the kiddos (and as Babybug grows it is getting more so all the time!), I really don't have that much time for knitting. So after I finish the designs for these clubs, my designing is going to slow way way down. I just can't keep up with deadlines any more. I am hoping that in a year or so, I'll have more knitting time again- but at the moment b/w the 4 kids, the house, feeding my family, and homeschooling, knitting time is very scarce. And working on deadline projects takes time from my family that they need. Which means that the knitting goes. At least to a certain extent. Which means I might be sharing more of my knitting on the blog, as I won't be doing as much secret knitting. At least that's the theory! We'll see what happens in real life....


knittingmama said...

I remember things by what age the kids were when (x) happened. That is the only way I can keep track of things anymore. Recently, by time has been kept in "Henrys." For example, "That happened when I was pregnant with Henry, or when he was a year old, etc." It seems crazy, but it works. I just said to Jacob the other day, I can't wait until Henry is old enough to take care of himself a little more so I can knit. I shouldn't think that way. I should love every single moment of his toddlerhood, and I should slow down.

Sara said...

Daughter did a very good job choosing her glasses. Babybug is precious! When all of them leave the house, knitting will be a godsend. I know it is for me. Offsprng went off to college 3 years ago and sometimes I miss her terribly.

BarbSz said...

Isn't it strange how time does that. Summer used to last forever.

You have sweet kids, they all have great smiles :D

Knitting can wait, all to soon they grow up.

bunnits said...

Goodness! How Babybug has grown! Your daughter and her glasses are delightful.

I love your photos. Enjoy those young ones. They grow up much too fast. My youngest will be 20 in September. It's hard to believe that I haven't any little ones around now.