Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teaser Plus

Here is a teaser pattern for the Wonderland Sock Club:

Say hello to Cheshire Cat.
His tail is lashing up the back of the leg- his paw prints trail up the front. It's hard to see, but his toothy smile surrounds his paw prints.

The color is much more accurate in the second photo; displayed courtesy of The Unique Sheep.

This pattern is on sale now! Here.

Also now available,
The Triquetra Cardigan pattern:

This pattern was previously only available in Yarn Forward Magazine Aug 2009. Now it is available from my Ravelry store as well. For $7.00
A comfortable zip-front cardigan with both cables and colorwork.

(Last photo displayed courtesy of St. Range Photography)
It's pretty crazy to be able to offer my designs for sale here. :D


John said...

good work.


Kristin @ Meanbean said...

Awesome! The sock looks great, I"m so glad it fits well :)