Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brief Update

Bet you thought this blog was obsolete! hahah, I'm back. :D At least for today ;)

I have been so busy. Yes, knitting- although that has taken a back seat for a little while. School started in September. And I am teaching 3 this yr, as well as dealing with the busy little Babybug. And he is Busy with a capital B!!! I don't know what I will do when he goes to only one nap per day, as I only accomplish tasks when he is asleep. He is constantly on the go. And So Very Observant! I cannot believe how fast he learns. Example: one morning this week, he watched me kiss Joel goodbye; he spent the rest of the day kissing everyone that would come close enough for him to reach. It was so adorable! The kids loved it- he got lots of practice. :D

School so far (almost 4 wks into it now) is going better than ever before. I think we may have found the curriculum that works for us. It's called Weaver, and it's from Alpha Omega. It is Unit Study, and the lessons are pulled right out of the Bible. Besides that, it is very hands on and active, so of course the kids are thrilled. They LOVE it. They are begging me for Science and Math now. Although, they think any "experiment" is Science- they have no realization that we are also doing Social Studies, History, and Health at the same time. :D It's great.

Joel's new job is going so very well. He is loving it. God is so very good! Perfect job, perfect timing. :D Joel is pretty tired, as he is doing much more physical work than he has for the last 2 yrs, but he is enjoying it, and that helps. Although the tiredness sometimes causes forgetfulness..... last week, Joel left the sliding door to his work van (Work Van= FULL of tools for work! Expensive tools!!!) open all night. O_O Not intentionally....but still....However, The LORD is so incredible! NOTHING was missing. NOTHING. I'm still amazed. It had to be God, this is a very busy street even at night.

In other news, as I said before, I am knitting. It's very exciting knitting..... I have signed 2 book contracts!!! (one of those is the super secret knitting mentioned before ;D) They won't be coming out for over a year (or over 2, depending on which one you are referring to....), but that's good, as I need all of that time for knitting in b/w being a wife, mother, and teacher!! Also, for those of you that enjoy sock clubs, I am designing for the 2nd Wonderland club as well. (yes, I'm good at biting off more than I can chew!)

It's a busy life, but a good one! And that's as long as Babybug will let me not look at him.... ;D

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