Monday, August 16, 2010

August Sock Club Patterns!

I had 2 sock club patterns go out this month.
The first, The Lord of the stRings Series III.

This is Mithril.

Mithril is the dwarves’ truesilver, their most precious metal, which they delved so deeply for that they awoke Durin’s Bain. Frodo wore a corselet of mithril rings which Bilbo gave him, that saved his life in Moria. This sock is a tribute to the dwarves and their amazing metalwork.

I love the way the fabric turned out on this pattern. It just looks like metal links to me. But unlike metal, it is stretchy. Surprisingly stretchy, in fact! Very comfortable.

This sock is knit with two strands of fingering weight yarn held together, and because of that, it is a fairly quick knit for socks.
(and yes, that's my hubby's handsome foot- just so you know. *wink*)

This sock is for The Unique Sheep's Wonderland club. Take a guess, what do you think I called this one??

This is Queen of Hearts.

When I think of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, a few things jump out at me: the picture of a short, dumpy lady with a big head- and a couple of phrases: 1) “Off with their heads!” (of course); and 2) the little cards singing “We’re painting the roses red.”

So this sock has a reversible cuff. One side, shows you the little card people with the Queen front and center.

Flip the cuff down to take off their heads. :D (see first picture)

The roses didn't get painted. They are still white. ;)

This was a fun sock to design. But I have to give credit where it is due- my husband helped a lot with the ideas. :D


- S - said...

I love both of those patterns.

TheTinkLady said...

Tears are in my eyes as I think about when and how you taught me to knit. I miss being able to sit and visit with you and the kids, and knit up handmade creations...being able to do life with like minded women, and have the encouragement to simmer down. I am so happy for you as a woman, a mother, a wife, and a see the fruit of your life is such a blessing! May you continue to be blessed! Love you all so dearly!