Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Friday

Because that's all I have time for....

1. We've spent more time at the Dr's office over the last 2 months than we usually spend in a year. It's eating up a lot of my time- and I don't get to knit during those visits anymore because Roo is so active and requires my hands all the time. I've tried knitting- but spend more time getting my yarn tangled up in him while I catch him falling off the tables than anything else. I've given up.

2. I think we are finally coming out of the sickness hole. Fingers crossed. If we can get Roo's ear infections taken care of- and my crazy allergic reactions- we should be golden for the summer.

3. My sister moved in with us this week. She'll be here probably for most of the summer if not all depending on the job situation. It's pretty cool. Free babysitting rocks. Especially with all the Dr. visits.

4.Thanks to my crazy allergic reactions, we are going gluten free. Not a big deal- it's mostly just me, and I've done it before, but the transition time is kinda wild. So are the start up costs. Wow. But there are so many more options out there for GF than there used to be, it's easier than ever. I think I found a couple recipe books that will work really really well for us-this is my favorite so far, especially as I also am dairy-free due to allergies.

5. I'm intriqued that diet helps Autism so much. I want to learn more, but not sure I can find the time to do that right now.

6. I love my library. Being able to check out cookbooks for free is really cool.

7. I haven't had much time for knitting this week, and it's really on my mind. It has taken me 4 days just to knit a sleeve cap, and that is really frustrating me. I need to make progress and I am getting desperate to finish this big sweater. I'm hoping that it will go faster now, as I'm back to working in the round, and decreasing which always speeds things up.

8. It might not have taken me so long to do the sleeve cap if it hadn't involved steeking and picking up sts. Both of which I have discovered I am very slow at.

9. I'm also very slow at purling, apparently. It seems to take me twice to three times as long to do a purl row as a knit row. Not sure why, and not sure how to fix that.

10. The weight of this thing is not helping with the speed knitting either. It's a good thing we are having a very cool spring, or this would have been thrown in a corner to wait for next winter a long time ago. I might as well be working on a wool afghan. Same weight and heat production!!!

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Rachel said...

Hope things settle down for you guys soon. Free babysitting helps for sure! It is amazing how much you are able to accomplish Laurel ;)