Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Sense of Accomplishment

Before I get into why I have such a sense of accomplishment this week-

I had the random number generator pick again, as I have not heard from the original randomly chosen person, and have no way to contact her...

So, Nimrodita, get ready to knit! :D I will email you.

I finished the big sweater. Completely. Pockets in. Zippers in. All the ends woven in. Washed. Blocked. Photographed (but unfortunately, I can't share them yet), and given to recipient.

I love the feeling of completely finishing a big (or even small) knitting project. It's so much better than the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish the dishes or clean the floors because it lasts so very very much longer.

You know what I mean. I have kids. I usually don't get ALL the dishes clean. At least not for very long. As for the floors....there's no way they stay clean long enough even to get them mopped. Oh, I can keep one room clean long enough to mop- and then when I start on the next one, the one I finished suddenly has stuff on it.

I'm ok with that. I have kids. I like having kids. I like having them around. Obviously, or I wouldn't homeschool, right?

But I like finishing something that will stay finished, too. And when it's a big something, it's a bigger sense of accomplishment. Especially when it's a bigger something that was really really hard to finish correctly- and the person it was intended for really really likes it. A lot. Enough that he wants more handknits.....Now that is an accomplishment. Not only did I finish the 7 week monster (ok, 6. I took a week off to make a knitting bag because the steeking was so traumatic), but I spread the love of handknits.

That is a wonderful sense of accomplishment. :D
I wrote this last week, but have been having computer problems, so you're getting it now. Sorry for the long delay. Nimrodita is enjoying her ebook. :)

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