Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Wound Up

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to Powell's Books to see the YarnHarlot present and sign her new book: All Wound Up.

I tried to get there early; but I'm a mom of 4 hungry kids, and I had to go to Costco on the way there. So I wasn't as early as I wanted to be, but still early enough to get a seat. And not a bad one, either.

Before the fun began, many knitters were taking pictures of the crowd. There was a big crowd. Standing room only.  I got a picture of Tina Newton taking crowd pictures.
I don't know what it is, but I absolutely cannot take a picture of Tina that is not blurry.  I have tried and tried. At 2 Sock Summits and here- and I don't have a single picture of her that is clear.  My camera is jinxed or something. And I'm pretty sure it's her. It used to be her and the YarnHarlot, but I realized last night, that that is true of pictures of them together.  But I got some clear ones of the YarnHarlot last night, so I'm convinced now that it's just Tina that jinxes my camera.

Here is Stephanie taking her obligatory photos of the crowd:
And Stephanie reading. This photo was very difficult to take, I'll have you know. It's hard to take pictures when you are laughing.
As always, Stephanie wrote a fantastic collection of humorous essays on, yes, knitting.

I thoroughly enjoyed what she read, and am looking forward to reading the rest of the book. If you knit, I recommend this book. If you don't knit- buy it for the knitter in your life. Don't bother reading it yourself, you won't get it. But we do, and we laugh. :D

I got some more fun and laughter this morning at home.  When I came out to the boys playing with the boxes from Costco: 
Laughter is a great start to the weekend.
Hope you have a good one. :D

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