Friday, October 21, 2011

The Winner is:

The random number generator said 6- so...Dawna! You have won an autographed copy of my book! Sending you an email now!

Thank you all for participating. :D

In other news-
I'm not as far along on the pink blob as I was hoping. I had to frog.
       I was just running out of yarn too fast- and to complete the pattern attractively, I had to frog back a bit and start the end of the pattern sooner.  I wound up ripping out 10 rows, then doing some stitch dropping and fixing to put some extra patterning in.
       It took me all day to get in a lifeline- then all of the next day to get all the stitches on the needle and the drop-down fixes finished. But I'm back up and knitting normally again, and very pleased with how it is turning out.
       It does seem a bit small to me right now- especially for putting almost 2000yds into it- but I think it will be much bigger when I get around to blocking it.
       Tomorrow I write up the pattern whether I've actually finished the last few rows or not. I have to get some other stuff knit up this weekend, so even if I haven't done the bind off on the pink blob, I'll be knitting with cotton for a Christmas design for The Unique Sheep tomorrow.  It will make a nice break. I'm looking forward to it.

This morning I got a surprise.  UPS brought me a big box with a brand new crockpot in it.  Remember the Bread Machine story?  Well, the amazing woman behind that was paying attention when I complained yesterday (yesterday!!) that my crockpot cracked. I use my crockpot a LOT. Like 3 or more times a week. Well, Karen stepped in again to bless me and my family.  What a lovely early birthday present- yet again.  We have a lovely new crockpot that I will be using first thing in the morning for our dinner tomorrow. Thank you, Karen. Everyone needs a friend like you. :D

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Karen said...

You're welcome, Laurel! It's always nice to be able to surprise someone!