Thursday, December 22, 2011


I love this time of year. I love that family gathers together often during the last 6 weeks of the year. It seems like the perfect way to end one year and start another- by being together.

And our families have a lot of reasons to get together and celebrate during the last weeks of the year. Not only do we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy- but there are a lot of birthdays this time of year as well.

Even though today is the actual day of her birth, last night our family joined with Joel's brother's family to celebrate the birthday of my beautiful niece, Sylvia, one year ago- as well as a brief Christmas celebration.  We all had a most wonderful time together.
Sylvia loved her cake. 
It is so hard to believe it's been a full year since she joined our family. What a wild and busy year it was. Roo and his cousin illustrated it perfectly for us:

This weekend is Christmas (Not that you didn't already know that....) and I am so looking forward to it. What better way could there be to end the year than to celebrate the birth of my Saviour?

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