Thursday, December 15, 2011

"How Old Would You be....

"....If you didn't know how old you are?"

I love that quote. Joel got me a magnet with it for my birthday a few years ago. It has a picture of an elderly nun playing paddle-ball. I think it's great.

If I didn't know- I think I would be 22. I don't feel older than 22. Even though today is my birthday, and I do actually know how old I am, I still feel like the person I was when I was 22. I know I'm not- not entirely. I've changed, I've learned, I've grown (and shrunk a little- more than once; having kids'll do that to a person), I've taken up knitting.... But I'm still me.

I must confess, I get a little more spoiled each year when this day comes around. Apparently, the older I get, the more friends I get. I am a very very blessed woman. I have the most amazing family and friends.

This year, they conspired to get me everything on my Birthday/Christmas wishlist.

A lot of it, I got early (somehow that seems to happen more when you're an adult. When you're a kid, you never get your birthday presents early- you have to wait until the day- then you have to wait until the end of the party- and THEN you have to SHARE. That's always the hardest part. I've discovered there are some definite advantages to being an adult- even if it does come with an awful lot of responsibilities!), like the dehydrator I talked about in an earlier post (Thank you again, Mom, I am using it weekly!).

Then this last weekend, I REALLY got spoiled. My Plurk pals got together (again- remember the bread machine last year?), and blessed me.
   The Amazon gift certificate gave me some unexpected fun- the joy of watching my children help my husband put together my new shelf set:
Which is totally cute. Along with the shelves, I got some collapsible buckets- I need more storage space!
And to top it all off, they sent me a Kindle Touch.

I spent the weekend loading it.
I have over 160 books on it already- so I should be set for awhile!
I love it. I've been watching the Kindles for awhile- I actually got the Kindle for PC app over 6 months ago and have slowly been collecting free books- but I don't sit at my computer to read, so they were just sitting in there. Now I get to read them when and where I want to!

In fact, I had so much fun with my Kindle this weekend, that yesterday when I was trying to finish the library book before it's late; I touched the page, and was totally confused for a second because the page didn't turn like it was "supposed" to. :D

Once again, I am blown away by the generosity of the amazing people I know. Thank you so much my friends. I am so thankful for you.

I did get yet another gift for my birthday- but the dress boots that Joel ordered online for me didn't quite work out- so I'll be trying to find some later. But seriously- I can't believe it. How blessed can one person be????

My favorite part of my birthday and Christmas is yet to come, though. I've saved up, and today, the kids and I are going to go through the Samaritan's Purse Catalog together. We are so blessed- and now we get the opportunity to share it. I love that part of December. Advent and the opportunities that are all over for us to give something to someone else. It's my favorite tradition.

Samaritan's Purse also does Operation Christmas Child. We used to do this yearly with our church- now we do it on our own or with friends. The kids love it. They get to pick stuff out for other kids that don't have the resources we do. It is a great way for the kids to be involved in giving.

A couple of churches I have been to in the past do something I LOVE. It's called Advent Conspiracy.  During the Advent/Christmas season, people take a close look at their traditions and gift giving and choose something that costs money, and give it up for this year. Whether that means 1 less toy for each kid- or 1 less trip to the restaurant, or whatever it looks like for each family/individual- the money that is saved then goes to an organization such as Water for Life. I love this. I think it is the best. We are so blessed here- we need to share the love; and what better time than Christmas to do so?

What tradition of sharing do you have during this season??

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