Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Thursday

1) Joel wasn't able to be with me for Valentines Day. So he got me flowers early, and I've been enjoying them all week.

I especially love the fact that he got me daisies. I really love daisies.
These flowers are extra special to me since it is only the 2nd or 3rd time in our relationship that he has gotten flowers for me. (That would be because of my allergies. He's a very thoughtful man- so thoughtful that he hesitates to get me flowers because he doesn't want to make me sick.) They have made my home beautiful this week; and I will be drying some for some future craft projects to keep the beauty even longer.

 2) Last night I took the kids to PeeWee Skatechurch.

They were the cutest little skaters there. :)

3) This morning I finally finished the double knit hat I've had on the needles since the beginning of December. At long last!!! I was beginning to think it was the knit that would not end, yes it went on and on my friend....
The fact is, I just don't have the knitting time I used to. A couple hours in the evening doesn't get a whole lot accomplished.  I am going to have to step it up, as I have a lot, a lot, of projects I need to get done in the next 3 months.

4) The kids had swim lessons yesterday. We got there a bit early, as my other errands didn't take as long as I expected.  I was looking at my Kindle while we waited, and Daisy came up and said, "Mom, you brought your knitting, right?"
"Yes, I did." (What kind of question is that?! Of course I brought my knitting!!!!)
"Then could you please knit so I can read some more of the Five Little Peppers on your Kindle?"
I have to say, I think that is the first time one of my family has requested me to knit. They want me to knit things for them- but they tend to not want me to take the time to actually do the knitting.

5) Since I finished the hat today, I get to spend the rest of the day doing design work. Planning the next designs, sketching and swatching, and -the very best part- casting on. Of course all of that will be interspersed with teaching school, feeding children, cleaning house, and just generally being a mom; but hopefully I'll get started on the next project before evening so I can do some actual knitting tonight.

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