Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Must be Coming Soon

It has to be. I know Spring is right around the corner.

No, not because I got woke up by the birdsong a few days ago- although that was actually pretty cool.

And not because the days are getting longer- although I am thoroughly enjoying more light in the day.

No, I know Spring is coming because the Spring colds have hit the Coombs' home. We all have it in one form or another. Kleenex is king right now. I confess I don't mind the colds too badly. They don't seem to slow the kids down that much, really; and the worst that can happen seems to be getting sneezed on, or someone's snot dripping on me. Yeah, I'll take colds over flu or otherwise.

In other news (which I'm sure you would rather hear than the state of health of the household- especially this time of year), I am looking forward to the Rose City Yarn Crawl, which starts tomorrow.   I won't be able to participate tomorrow, as we have school and all the other normal daily things to attend to; but I fully intend to be a part of it on Friday. I have my route mapped out, and I figure I should be able to hit at least 10 of the yarn stores. Although, I confess, that may be overly optimistic- as I haven't actually told Joel yet that I intend to go to more than one of them.....we'll talk though. It'll work out.

I've been knitting.


I have about 3 or 4 patterns that are waiting to be written or sized or both, and instead of dealing with them, I am trying to knit another.

I'm working along on this sideways knit top (and I think I'm going to like it), and I think it's going pretty well. I sat down with it next to Joel the other night as we watched a bit of TV.  He started laughing, and made some comment about how he has "no idea" why I worry that I make patterns no one else wants to knit- as I'm juggling the top with 2 circular needles and 6 strands of yarn hanging off the back of it getting tangled in the several strands hanging down from the lifelines...... Yeah, it looks a bit complicated. But don't worry!! I finally figured out last night how I could write the pattern so it will only be an intermediate level knit. If you don't mind seaming. If you don't like seaming, you can do it my way.

I have come to the realization that I really don't have to learn a new technique every time I design something. I just seem to like it that way....

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