Friday, April 27, 2012

In the Bag

Last night, I finished the cuff of a sock. It still needs a heel and a mate, but the sock is there.
It is knit with Panda Cotton in Trail Mix and Pinto Pony (which is a dot dye, and I can't find it online). It has a contrast toe; will have a contrast heel; and the cuff is double knit:

The pattern is of Celtic Gryphons. I realized about halfway through that it wasn't one that really worked to be turned upside down, but I love the pattern so much I didn't care. I don't turn my sock cuffs down anyway, and I've been wanting to use Celtic Gryphons for a very long time.

I knit this from the toe up so I could get the longest possible sock. It's a very plain sock with just the cuff being intricate. I didn't follow any sort of pattern here, it's just an "on the fly" design. I did find the pattern for the cuff in Alice Starmore's Charts book.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out. This is how much I had left of the main skein of yarn:
The full skein is for the 2nd sock. The little scrap is what was left. I could have gotten maybe 3 more rows out of it.

This sock has been on the needles in my purse since last November. I don't usually take that long to knit a sock, but with Roo, I don't knit as much away from home as I used to. My hands are usually full of little boy these days rather than knitting- at least, if we're not at home.

I did take the sock out of my bag in order to do the cuff. Double knitting is not very good travel knitting, as you have to pay close attention to the chart and the 2 strands of yarn.  I'm pleased with how it turned out, but I am putting it back in the bag now. The heel and the start of the mate will be my purse project again. Hopefully it takes less than 6 more months to finish the mate. I like this sock and want to wear it....

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