Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Pattern

Lace Cuff Gauntlets.
My photography is horrible. You can find better pictures and pattern details here. This pattern is free. It will be available this Friday. Check back to the link above to get it in two days!

I loved knitting this pattern. It's a nice simple lace pattern with a fake cable.  The yarn is GallerYarns Parisian Cotton. This was an unusual yarn to knit with. It comes on a cone, and seems very thin. Similar to lace weight, but knits up more like a fingering or almost a sock weight yarn. It's a bit stiff, but loosens up with a wash and block. I love the stitch definition and the way it holds it's shape to keep the cuff a bit stiff at the end where it flares out.

This pattern is easily adaptable. You can make it shorter, longer for over the elbow, or add a couple repeats of the pattern and turn it into leg warmers. Versatile, pretty, lacy; perfect for Spring and Summer.

Enjoy!!! :D

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