Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Day Socks

This post is a bit late, as these socks became available last Friday from The Unique Sheep, but I have had a Crazy weekend, and have only just now been able to get around to posting these!

I designed these socks in honor of horse racing. I grew up on Walter Farley books, and graduated to Dick Francis. Besides just being a horse lover, I love watching them race.

For more information, and to get the pattern and/or kit, go here. Or here.

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Anonymous said...

I used to pretend that my bike was the black stalion. I did horse shows in my driveway. Then one summer in Venice Fla. at my aunts house she told me that he was her neighbor! I was soooo excited, but of course he only came in the winter. She did however get him to autograph a copy of The Black Stalion and The girl. Still have it. Great socks btw.