Sunday, June 24, 2012

Half Anniversary

This weekend, Joel and I were blessed to be able to run away for a little while and have a 12th Honeymoon. Even though it's not really our anniversary yet, this is when it worked out for us to go this time around. We try to do this every year. Just to reconnect and celebrate our marriage. It is a huge blessing every single time. We couldn't do it without Mom and my Sis. Thank you two, for being the best babysitters ever, and loving our kids.

This year, we went to the Oregon coast. Garibaldi. Where we stayed at the Garibaldi House Inn and Suites. It is a very nice place to stay. Highly recommend it. Very comfortable, good breakfast, nice people.

This was the view out our window:

This was the view in the opposite direction:
While I like the ocean view, the mountains are my favorite. This was a great place to get both. The Oregon coast is the best.

My date:
We went for a walk, and found this huge piece of driftwood that someone had obviously put a lot of work into:
It was a friendly dragon. Made of rivets, carvings, and stain. Very prettily done. So cool to find in a very out of the way place- that you can't get to in high tide.
We found where the otters lived, and they came surprisingly close to us.
Elk were hanging out on an island outside Wheeler, where we ate at the Tsunami Bar and Grill- a fantastic find. Very good food!
I even managed to get a shot of a Kingfisher. Such pretty colors!
It was a fabulous weekend. :D

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