Tuesday, April 29, 2008

odds and ends

My kids are so funny. I wish I could record the funny things they say. ES (the elder son--4) usually looks a bit odd when he first gets up. Mornings are not his thing. He walks out with his blanky up by his face and squints rather fiercely. Usually only one eye is fully open. Of course he gets teased about this. :-) Yesterday morning when he came out, as usual struggling with the light and the morning, DH (dear husband) said cheerfully, "Good morning, I---!". ES grimaced at him and said in a growly voice, "Mr. One Eye!!" Ok, so it's not as funny written down. It was pretty funny in person.

On another note, I recently finished knitting a dress for my daughter. It turned out pretty good. As soon as I get a picture of it (I don't have a digital camera as yet, so I have to develop film to a disc, etc, etc, to get pics up), I will post it.

And the pattern for the vest, Random, is now available at the Unique Sheep shop! click on the link under Knitting Resources to find and purchase it. ^_^ My very first design for sale! I am excited. (I'll be more excited if you knit it and send me a pic of your finished product!!!)

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