Sunday, April 27, 2008

Need Fiber!!

I don't intend to blog twice a day very often, but something happened this morning that I wanted to write before I forgot about it.
After church this morning, my 4-yr-old son went up to the refreshments table and got a muffin. (This is not the funny part. He does this every week) He's walking around eating; I'm holding 2-yr-old son and talking to people. 6-yr-old daughter comes up to me and says something about little brother and paper. I really didn't pay much attention--my attention was otherwise occupied.
So as we are getting ready to leave, my husband walks up to me with half of a muffin wrapper; and says "He was eating the paper b/c he said it tasted good." He really did like it. I'm not entirely sure how he swallowed it. Really, does my son need fiber that badly!? I feed him granola almost every other day--I do!!

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Holly said...

Think about the bright's very easy to divide the last muffin in your house. One person gets the muffin and DS is thrilled to just be served the paper.