Thursday, October 30, 2008

Green Leaf Coat

I promised a free pattern before November- here it is!!

The Green Leaf Coat. Full- length view to the left, bottom border below.....

On the sleeves are traveling vines. I elected to put some contrast color music notes in the vines b/c my MIL is very musical. ;-)

Green Leaf Border Coat

Design by: Lobug Designs

Skill level: Easy

For a Small to Medium size woman- lengths adjustable.

Materials and Tools:
5 mm(US size 8) circular needles in 16” and 29” long, or size to obtain gauge
stitch markers
tapestry needle or crochet hook for weaving in ends

16sts = 4”/10cm in st st.
Always take time to check your gauge.

Special Abbreviations:
Back twist: k thru back loop of 2nd st on LH needle, k thru front loop of 1st st, sl them off together
Front twist: k front loop of 2nd st on LH needle, k 1st st on LH needle, sl both off together
Ktfbl: k thru front and back loop of st.
M: marker
Pm: place marker
Sl: slip
Slvs: sleeves
Pattern sts:
See Charts Below

With Long Tail Cast On, c.o. 72 sts. Work in 2x2 rib for 2”.
Next row, set up row: k1,p1,k1,p1,k9, pm, k10, pm, k26, pm, k10, pm, k9, p1,k1,p1,k1.
There are 5 sts of seed st patt on each side for selvedge. Place buttonhole every 2” on RS row with k1,p1, yo, k2tog. Maintain the seed st patt on edges throughout!
Row 2, work selvedge as est, p across, sl m when come to them.
1st inc row: Work selvedge, k to last 2 st before 1st m, ktfbl, k1, sl m, ktfbl, k to last st before m, ktfbl, sl m, k1, ktfbl, k to last 2 st before 3rd m, ktfbl, k1, sl m, ktfbl, k to last st before m, ktfbl, sl m, k1, ktfbl, work to end.
Rep Row 2. You will rep last 2 rows for raglan patt until separate sleeves and body.
Next inc row, set up vine patt on slvs: work to 1st m,*sl m, inc, pm for beg of chart, work chart, pm for end of chart, work as est to 3rd m, rep from *, work to end.
Work est patts until measures 12” from cast on edge.
Separate sleeves and body: work to 1st m(no inc on this row): remove m, place sts and chart markers up to 2nd inc marker on 16” needle or st holder, remove 2nd inc marker, joining underarm, k to 3rd inc m, remove m, , place sts and chart markers up to 4th inc marker on 16” needle or st holder, remove m, joining underarm, work to end. Separation complete.

Body: maintain selvedge and buttonholes: work WS Row.
Next row, begin leaf patt chart: Work 5 selvedge sts, work leaf chart, work to last 24sts, work leaf chart, work 5 selvedge sts.
Work WS row, maintaining patts
Rep last 2 rows for 3” shorter than you want coat to be.
Next RS row, maintain selvedge, work repeats of Leaf Chart all the way across- check the numbers: you may need to have extra p sts between repeats to fill the whole border- this math is not done for you.
When done with Leaf Chart, work 1” of garter st, bind off loosely.

Round 1: join yarn, work across, maintaining vine patt, at underarm, pick up and k 1 st from body join, pm for beg of round.
2: work to last st before m, sl st, remove m, sl next st, sl 1st st over st just slipped, move st back to LH needle, pm.
3: work around in patt.
Maintain patt around: every 11th round is a dec round: k1, k2 tog, work to last 3 sts, ssk, k1.
Work until sleeve is desired length, p one round, k around for 1”, bind off loosely. Turn sleeve under at p round and st down for hem.

Weave in ends, place and sew buttons.

This project was knit with 11 skeins of Mary Maxim Starlette in Kelly Green.

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Lupie said...

Thank you so much for the free pattern. I will print it out for a future project. The sweater is just beautiful and green is my favorite color.