Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Middle of October

Already?! Good grief, I can't believe it's already been so long since I posted last! Time just flies sometimes.
Well, we've gotten into full-time homeschooling again. At last. We should have started the first part of September, but there was just so much going on, that we had to wait until the last week of Sept instead. So now we are going full steam ahead!
DD is working 2nd grade in all but Math. We had a really rough time with that last year and just left it for a while. I don't think she was ready for it at the time- or I didn't know how to teach it- or something! It just wasn't working out. So we did just Math over the summer, and she's finishing up K math now.
ES is doing Kindergarten. Language Arts, Math and Reading. We finally got in a niche that works for him. He's loving it. It's good to see at least one of my kids enjoying learning!
YS pretty much hangs out and plays cars while we do schoolwork. Sometimes he'll come over and sit with me and we'll sing the ABC's, but he's pretty mellow and happy to play alone. He usually does anyway- although the older kids are starting to get a little better about including him.

3 weeks ago today I exposed all the kids to the chicken pox. Today is supposedly the last day of the virus incubation. I am thinking we may have exposed them too late and they won't get it. It may sound odd, but I am a bit disappointed. I was really hoping for them to get the chicken pox and be done with it. If DD doesn't get it before she turns 10, I'm going to look into the immunization. I don't want to- it's not as good an immunity, but after that age, I don't think I want her to actually get the disease. The thing is, the chicken pox vaccine is not irradicating the disease, it's making shingles more common. Not cool. Okay, off my soapbox now.....

On Saturday, I finished making my MIL's coat that she gave me the yarn for last Christmas. Sheesh! Almost a year ago. Pathetic. Oh well, at least it got done, right?
So I started working in earnest on another LotR sock that I really need to get done and get the pattern tested. I knit a lot on Sunday. 3-4 inches (on "toothpicks", so you know it was a lot of knitting!). And Sunday evening, I frogged it. Ugh. For some reason, this design is proving a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I know what I want- and I absolutely LOVE the color Laura and I came up with for this yarn- but getting what I want is a different story! But it seems to be coming along now. I'm a day behind on it, though, which is a bit frustrating; as I sat down this weekend and listed out the Christmas knitting I need to get done this year. Whew! I am going to have to "get my knit on"!!! I didn't realize I was this far behind! I'm usually about done by now, but I think I've been doing some different/extra knitting this year, and it's taken time that I'm usually making Christmas gifts in.
So as usual, I have no pictures. I will be taking pics of MIL's coat this weekend, and hopefully writing up the pattern. As soon as I have the pattern and pics, I will post them. Yes, the pattern, for free on here. But I'm not going to resize it. Not that that would be hard for anyone to do........

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Kristin said...

Hey, I finally figured out how to get on here! It sounds like you guys are doing well. Kyra is homeschooled now! She's really hopping, and she just made it on the school soccer team!