Monday, April 6, 2009

2nd Sock of the Club

Warning! If you are in the Lord of the Rings Sock Club, and have not recieved your April package- this post contains spoilers!!

Here is:

The Prince of the Wood Elves

"The son of Thranduil, king of the Wood Elves in Mirkwood, was Legolas, one of the Nine Walkers of the Fellowship of the Ring. An elf of elves, a prince indeed. An expert marksman and lover of the forest, his sock had to have images of his tools and his home on it in colors that would make one think of the oldest parts of a birch forest."

The leaf cuff folds down over the ribbing, adding a 3-D effect to the top of the sock.

A lace with resemblence to falling leaves goes all the way down one side of the sock.

The heel and toe are done in a loop stitch to add depth and strength to those parts of the sock.

And on the side opposite the leaf lace; a bow and arrow done in lace. It just couldn't be Legolas' sock without a bow and arrow.

I had to do a sock design for Legolas. He is definitely one of my favorite characters. Strong, capable, loyal, but quiet and self-sufficient. (I guess that describes a lot of the supporting cast of the books, doesn't it!?)

Anyway, this sock wasn't hard to design- but it was hard to write the pattern in a clear way that others could duplicate it. The hardest part was getting the cuff to work the way I wanted and be able to explain how I did it. I wound up settling on an easier way to do it than I originally wanted to just b/c it was so hard to explain.

I love the colorway for this sock. I tried to explain what I wanted to Laura, and she was able to get a color that was absolutely perfect. I can't imagine any other color fitting Legolas as well. I love the color she made so much, I fully intend to use it for other projects of mine! Although- not in this club..... ;-)


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Love The Prince of the Wood Elves
sock. Great color for them!