Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plugging away

The day to day is keeping me busy- and I don't blog as much as I would like to. I don't think I feel like I have to- I would like to, though. At the end of the day, I'm not really sure why I was so busy, but it always seems like I really was.
Homeschooling definitely takes up time. But it's good time, and I am so very glad I get to do this- to not miss out on any of my kids' learning time. It's so fun to see when they finally get a concept- or figure out just what that great big word really says. I love it. :-)
And cleaning takes up time. Not as much as it should, if I'm honest. My house needs some serious spring cleaning! I managed to get the bedrooms done- but the rest of the house is pleading. Sorry- not right now- I'm knitting!
And that is what is taking up as much of my time right now as I can spare it. I've been frantically working on a new design for a magazine. I've got a deadline, and it is very close. And of course, b/c of that, this has been a harder design than I anticipated. I have frogged, and frogged, and frogged, and..... you get the idea. I do finally feel that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am very excited about it. I think this design is going to turn out the way I wanted, and that makes me happy b/c they don't always.
And seeing the light at the end of this tunnel has me looking ahead to the next tunnels. I've got a good bit of knitting I've GOT to get done in the next 5 months. I absolutely have to have all my designing that I've agreed to finished before October. I'd prefer before August- so I'm not having to think about it during teaching at the Sock Summit- but I think that's pretty unrealistic. (doesn't mean I'm not going to try though!). Plus the knitting that I want to do that's not required b/c of promising it to someone. Yes, want to do. You know, the knitting that's for me- the knitting that's going to teach me more cool design stuff I can obsess about. I actually bought a couple knitting books this last month- and I'm very excited about some of the patterns (more on that later).
But that's 3 sweaters, 3 socks, and a vest away. Deep breath.

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la femme elisabeth said...

You can do it! You are "Super Knitter"! That's my new super hero name for you. :)