Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finished Object = FO

I have finally completed a knitted article. It has been- what- 6 weeks? I finished one sock. Natually I can't share it with you, as it's for the LotR club. You'll get to see it next year. But the point is, I finished it. I have an FO. For the first time in too long. And now that I have one done- I want to do more.
I've discovered that that is how it works.
When I at last get an FO, I bask in the satisfaction of having completed it- of having something useful where once I just had a ball of yarn. That basking lasts as long as it takes to show everyone in the house how marvelous this new article of clothing is-- and then I am off- planning the next one.
Maybe the next 3 or 5.
See, it's addicting.
One FO is never enough.
(Trust me, it's worse than those Pringles potato chips)

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Bercik & Agatka said...

Wow! That must incredibly addictive. I know that once I pop I can't stop!