Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ever heard of it?? Well, you will now. It's a website. Where you get books for free in exchange for doing a book review.

So, here is my first book review. :-)

“Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God”
By Sheila Walsh

In a sense, this is three books in one. A book just for an individual to read; a book set up for a book club, complete with discussion questions; and a book for a Bible study- individual or group(complete with study guide and questions in the back). I like the fact that it is set up this way- for maximum benefit.

Sheila is very vulnerable in this book. In my opinion, she writes this as if she were sitting down and talking to you from the pages. It is easy and enjoyable to read; while thought-provoking and instructive at the same time.

She uses stories and images from her life as well as looking into the pages of Scripture to show women the beauty of trusting God. This is a very encouraging book no matter what stage you are at in your walk with the Lord. If you are new to the Bible, the ten character sketches she gives are a great introduction; if you have known the Bible for a long time, Sheila brings you back to it with fresh eyes.

This is a great book for any Christian woman who struggles with trust and/or fear. And I only saw two minor typos. ;)

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