Monday, February 1, 2010

There are many ways to exercise....

....and I seem to have found one unexpectedly! I have been waiting for when Milo sleeps on his own in his bed so that I could do some things again. Things like exercise- and knitting- and cleaning- and, well, things that I need to do without a baby on me. So I figured that I probably wouldn't be able to get my weight back down until then.
Happily, I was wrong!!! Milo has been exercising me w/o my being aware of it. Well, ok, I was aware of it- I just wasn't aware of what it was doing.

What I am trying to say is- I am able to wear my jeans again!!! Because....

Milo won't let me sit down.

I use a baby wrap. Similar to these during the day; because Milo will not sleep or really even let me put him down for longer than 15 minutes at a time. In this wrap, he will sleep contentedly like a little baby should.

Under certain conditions.

It has to be somewhat quiet (lots of fun w/ 3 other busy kiddos in the house. They are so good about it!)
I have to be on my feet- preferrably walking- but other motion is ok. Seriously, this child is so aware! If I sit down, even on the edge of a chair, he knows, and wakes up!

So packing a heavy baby almost the entire day- and remaining on my feet- has turned out to be unexpectedly great exercise! I'm still out of shape- I can't run or do much- but I can wear my jeans! :-)

And the wrap?? Well, let me tell you- I have tried a lot of different baby carriers over the course of having 4 babies. This is the best I have ever used!
I've used slings, front-packs, backpacks..... This one is the only one that does NOT hurt my shoulders. And I wear it 10-12 hrs a day- with a baby in it for 3/4 of that time.
Expensive?? NO!
The ones you find on that web page or elsewhere may be. I spent $40, and wound up with two wraps. So, $20/wrap.

Five yards of fabric from the fabric store- cut in half, sewn together= two wraps. The fabric is pretty specific. I got knit fabric that was in a tube. It needs to have some stretch to it. It took me about 1/2 hr (that includes getting my sewing machine out and set up and then put away) to make these. Really, it's just 5 yards of slightly stretchy fabric. And the website shows you how to use it. Pretty nice!

And an easy way to get exercise..... ;-)


Nalamienea said...

congrats! I love the baby carrier you made. :)

bunnits said...

That reminds me of all the weight I lost with my first one without really trying. I love your new header photo. Beautiful!

Mama's Magick said...

I am almost certain toting around my son at that age is the only reason I ever got back into my jeans!
I used a sling carrier and it killed my shoulders. I just wish I knew I had options!
Great job on losing weight!!!

Pooch said...

Good for you!! Remembering the feeling of a baby swaddled close to me brings back warm, contented feelings. God bless you and your precious babe.