Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Growth brings Change

We are entering a time of change with Babybug. He is growing so fast! He has such a hard time sleeping now- he is so easily distracted and awakened; so he is learning to sleep in his own bed this week. He is so smart! He is already figuring it out. It's only been 2 days, and he is starting to be restless in my arms when he wants to sleep(where before he was restless everywhere except my arms!), and talking in his bed instead of being sad. I am so glad!
Now, this is supposedly helpful to me, b/c I no longer have to hold a baby 24 hrs a day. I can supposedly get a lot done. Well..... The idea is great; but in practice it's not working quite as well. Mostly b/c I am still working on a major sleep deficit. I am usually a somewhat efficient and focused person. These days- I am a poster child (adult) for ADD/ADHD. I can't focus on the projects that I start, I'm distracted by the smallest things and completely forget what I was doing. I know I was doing something- but don't know what it was. Oh well. I expect that when I start getting sleep at night my focusing abilities will come back at least a little.
(Babybug's hat made for him by a dear friend of mine)

It's funny how it's affecting my knitting too. I want to start 5 projects at once- but can't get any knitting done on the ones I have already cast on! I can't even remember what is on my needles, much less what I want to put on them from day to day. But I did finish a project last week!!!

Pattern: Orangeade socks by Nicole Masson. Yarn: Wolle Rodel Cotton Universal the old, discontinued version. I modified this pattern by doing an afterthought heel b/c I knew I would run out of yarn and have a very short sock if I didn't. The heel was done with leftovers of Panda Cotton. It may clash a bit- but I figure the heel is rarely seen. These are for my Mother-in-law: 100% cotton b/c she can't wear wool.

I don't actually have any more time for knitting than I did when I was holding Babybug 24hrs a day, but the time that I do have is put to better use. Which is good, b/c on February 12th, I will be casting on a new design to finish before the Winter Olymipics are over. Watch this space... ;-)

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