Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of Excuses

Yesterday I was able to finish my new bag! Just in time to dash off to the Naturopath.
It's huge. I've never packed a purse this big. Diaper bags, yes. I feel like this looks more like a diaper bag than anything else- but it carries all I need with me with room to spare. It is much easier than juggling my purse, my knitting bag, and occasionally adding a diaper bag to the mix. This is the inside:

I couldn't fill all the space. Which is cool, b/c it means when I have a slightly bigger knitting project, it will fit! And when I go to the yarn store..... you get the idea.;)

My current favorite feature of my new bag?

A false bottom in which to carry all the diaper bag stuff. I need to have them with me, but they don't have to be in my way!! And if I'm concerned, I can put my wallet in there and it's hard to get to.

It's a huge bag, but it's fun and will come in handy, I think. I'm not getting rid of my other bags. When the time comes that I don't have to carry all the extra stuff for the kids, I will probably want the option of a small bag again; and the bags I had I really really like.

Oh yeah- the other best feature of my new monster bag? It was totally free.

Now, I have no excuses. I must knit on the big scary sweater. It has to be done. My goal? The zipper band and the hood done this weekend. I may be over-estimating my abilities, but I've never been one to back down from a challenge. (Which may be why I opened my big mouth again and wound up with 2 more super secret projects.....shhhhh!!!)

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