Friday, April 15, 2011

Yarn, Yarn, and Yup! More Yarn.

Today, I received some lovely Peruvian handspun, hand-dyed, lace-weight alpaca yarn from my parents; who just returned from a vacation in Peru. Over 800grams of gorgeous lace-weight. I love it. It's beautiful. I am very excited to use it. I just don't know what for, yet. (ideas?) I could do shawls. I could probably get 8 or more shawls from this. I could probably do a full-size tablecloth and still have enough left over for at least 2 shawls. Or a king-size lace comforter cover. I don't know. But that's ok, I have time. I have a huge list of things I'm working on for my book right now, so I have time to think about it. I'd love to fit something knit with this yarn into the book, but that might be a little bit too ambitious. I don't know. I'll find out, though. ;) In the meantime, I'll have to find a place to keep this gorgeous string. I've already used all the space on my bookshelves: The Rubbermaid's on my shelves next to my knitting chair are full of what is next in the book queue and of remnants of my most recent projects:
My footstool is crammed with a lot of yarn for book projects- as well as some extra that doesn't have an assigned project: The small Rubbermaid's in my closet have project remnants and hand-dyed yarns waiting for projects: The larger Rubbermaid's are also crammed- these are mostly remnants and non-specialty yarns such as Red Heart that were given to me several years ago. I do have plans for them, they are just kinda low on the totem pole, so to speak.And the Rubbermaid next to my bed has no more room to spare either; it's already full of yarn that has been assigned a project that I haven't gotten to yet. These are also mostly acrylics that were given to me. I love yarn. I admit I have a lot. And my yarn storage is scattered all over the house. (When things get desperate, I have a big desk drawer I can clear the bags out of and put yarn into. That may be where that gorgeous Peruvian alpaca is going to have to go.) Even with having that much yarn, I have to say in my defense, I really do intend to use it all. Even the rough Red Heart acrylics that I really don't like to use, I have plans for. And believe it or not, I am nowhere near SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)- yet. But for those relatives and friends who read this, and think you need gift ideas for my birthday and next Christmas- I would love to reach SABLE, so, uh, don't hesitate to purchase more yarn for me. In case you hadn't noticed, I really love it and use it. A lot.


Natalie said...

I think it's time to buy more Rubber Maid Totes! That way you have room for more yarn! :)

Sirham6102 said...
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Barb Szabrowicz said...

Sweet yarn
best wishes on your book :D